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Updated: May 3, 2021

Isn’t one of your ultimate desires, freedom? If yes, how are you going to get there? Will money, status, degrees, big houses, cars and fame get you there? Sure it can. Will it last forever? Maybe. Will it be satisfying? Who knows?

Wanna feel free right NOW? Let it all go. Let go of all expectations, the rights and wrongs, the proper and improper, later and tomorrow, whys and hows and let your intuition and body guide you. Be as goofy as you can. Be as silly as you can. Dance like you have lost your marbles 🙂Cook like you are a world-renowned chef who is super messy. Make silly faces, laugh your craziest laugh, play your instrument even if it sounds horrible.

Go in the park or yard with your kids and play in the dirt. Have a pillow fight or a food fight. Don’t worry about the clean up right now, just let it go. Forgot how it looks and how you can do that? Be your old self when you were 4 or 5 years old. You didn’t have a care in the world. You were in the moment, fully there. Be that way.

My kids and I have a routine where one of us turns some silly bollywood song on the iPod and starts dancing (no one watching would call this dancing in any conventional way possible, but its dancing to us). We make sure everyone is on their feet and going wild, hair flying, hips going in all directions, giggles and crazy, witchy laughs coming out. Hands and feet move, faces are filled with amazement and pure joy. In this moment I always feel so powerful. I feel FREE.

Get your crazy on people, no one really cares how you look, how you do it or what you do. So be silly, won’t you?

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