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Do you own a Saavarani?

Tell me you are Desi without telling me you are Desi...

If you own a "Saavarani" "zaadu" or "peenchhi" raise your hand ✋🏾 This particular broom is a little different than the ones you see in western homes. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the actual type of Saavarani we grew up with but this one is close enough. ⁠🧹⁠

When I was younger I was rebellious (Yes, shocking I know 😄), one of the ways my mom used to love to discipline me and my siblings was using this. No, no she didn't beat us with this, although unfortunately, some parents may have. We got the task of "kacharaa potu". We lived in a tiled house and this is before the days of vacuums and mops.

Houses got dusty a lot in India so most places have a "Kaam vaali bai" (housemaid) that comes in once or twice a day to sweep and mop your house. Not in our house, whenever I was out of line or didn't listen I got the task of cleaning the house.

Let me tell you ours was one of the cleanest houses in the society because between the three of us siblings well just my sister and I we did a lot of "Kacharaa potu" (Kacharo vaar - sweep the dust, potu maar - mop the floor).!

Do you own a "Saavarani"?

What do you call it in your house?

What do you remember about it?⁠

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