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Vaishali Patel has been teaching Gujarati language and culture to adults and children since 2002.

Growing up in Baroda, India and immigrating permanently to the United States at age 16, Vaishali is uniquely positioned with a view into the best of both worlds.

Living in an extended Gujarati family inspired Vaishali to pass along the value of her homeland traditions to her own 2 children by teaching them and others in the community.

Her outreach programs have since expanded to include virtual (live online) Gujarati Classes, an online course that can be done at your own pace, learning tools such as the Gujarati and Hindi Memory Games and Gujarati Alphabet Flashcards as well as a travel backpack customized for learning about India.


We are a small team of women dedicated to bringing the joy to preserving Desi culture and guiding Sanskar Teaching to reach as many as possible.

And we absolutely adore our beautiful Founder, Vaishaliben.



Siri met Vaishali when their kids were at the Waldorf School of San Diego. She brought her experience in the film industry and as a writer and marketing to the business of her dear friend. Besides loving all things Indian, Siri is a traveler at heart.

Meghan is a creative force for Sanskar Teaching. Currently studying Fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design, she applies her knowledge of color and balance alongside the vibrant Indian Culture to create beautiful graphics and brand designs.




Tori brings an enthusiasm to learn and grow the Sanskar vision. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she studied Business Management. Now she dedicates her skills in marketing and digital entrepreneurship to our team.  p.s. She dabbles in photography and loves to travel!




A scientist by profession, Riddhi was born and raised in Gujarat, India, moving to the US in 2011.  Becoming a parent opened her eyes to the importance of preserving her native culture.  Now she helps other parents realize the same vision by bringing her talents to teaching language and culture with Sanskar.


Raised in Mumbai in a big Kutchi joint family, and being the first grandchild, Krupa's grandparents made sure to infuse her with a deep understanding and appreciation for her roots.Alongside teaching for Sanskar, she is a fashion designer and vegetarian food blogger.


Neetu was raised in New Delhi, India in a traditional family. Her family was both Hindi and Punjabi, eposing her to both religions and cultures. She moved to Canada as a teenager and studied Finance and Marketing. When she had her own children she realized the importance of teaching them her language.


Meghana grew up in Mumbai speaking Marathi and Hind. Now, a doctor by trade, she lives in the United States, learned Bhartnathyam and is also learning Hindustani classical singing and sharing her love for language and culture with Sanskar Teaching.


Gargi learned Gujarati from Vaishaliben herself when she was young in the local temple. Ever since she has been in love with the language! She enjoys reading spiritual books, cooking vegan recipes and garba. She also works as an ad -tech strategist.


Staying conntected to Hindi and Gujarati tradition played a major role in Suhangi's daily life, being African born, Indian raised, and Canadian living. She loves garba, Navratri, evening aarti, sweet dishes, family phone calls, new clothes, Gujarati new year, Diwali and of course fireworks!


Anushi was born in Mumbai and grew up in a very cultured household in New Jersey. She is professionally trained in Bharatanatyam and Kathak, and has been dancing for 29 years. She degrees in marketing and psychology from Drexel University.


Nine years after launching her live classes and blog, Vaishali launched Shop Sanskar, which carries her line of learning tools, as well as her exclusive Indian Travel Box and where you can sign up for her Virtual Gujarati Classes.

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