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Thoughtful Little Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's is such a wonderful day to be able to spend time with your loved ones, deepen your connection and express how much you care for each other. It can be so easy to get lost in the wash of chocolates and flowers that we can forget the real meaning of V day, LOVE!

This year, I want to focus on continuing to deepen my connection with my loved ones, and im so happy to share with you some of my ideas!

  1. Wishbeads Intention Bracelet Setting intentions can be a powerful thing, writing out what you want can further clarify the direction you are looking in move in or solidify the parts of yourself you are focusing on. Sitting down with your partner to write these out is an awesome sharing experience. You might even learn nothing new about each other! Roll up your intentions into the capsule and wear the bracelets until the intention comes to fruition.

  2. Date Night S'Mores Kit Looking for a cute date night in? make s'mores! I just think this is such an adorable idea for a low-key night in. You could definitely have fun toasting up all sorts of things over the little personal fire in this set up.

  3. We're Not Really Strangers Game Okay...this game I've had on my radar for a while now, and they have lots of versions to help you connect or reconnect with those you love. This particular one is the original version but here is also the couples edition expansion pack (fitting for valentines day). Each question card is designed to help you and your partner go deeper and learn more about each other. Its just so perfect!

  4. Warm Cozy Slippers Lastly, the foundation of a night in is being comfy! so of course, coordinating slippers are a must. These L.L. Bean shearling ones will keep both of your feet nice and toasty while you relax, connect and enjoy your thoughtful date night in!

Hope these ideas get you thinking about what might be perfect for you and your special person this year! 💜

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