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The Best Books to read for Starting a Business

If you know me, then you know I read a lot.

Because I'm a young, female entrepreneur, and I've been running my business successfully for many years now, I make it a point to continually read many books that support the journey I'm on to create a meaningful life, business and contribution to society.

Business books are not ALL about numbers and economic strategy. Not all of them are going to teach you about things like marketing. I have discovered that some of the very best books for contributing to the success of my businesses (I now run more than one! Besides Sanskar Teaching, my best friend and I own a short term rental in Fredericksburg, Texas. Take a look at Koselig Hus here), plus our family owns several hotels. Working on multiple businesses simultaneously can often bring up unexpected trials, challenges and emotions. It's quite possible that overcoming the stumbles that are associated with my fears, confidence, philosophical outlook etc actually have a greater impact on my ability to be successful than knowing how to make a website or advertise a business.

Besides these books, I'll let you in on a little secret:

I started Sanskar Teaching in conjunction with and after taking Marie Forleo's B-School. This inspiring and highly informative (albeit expensive) course is cornerstone to giving me the confidence and specific necessary skills to get started with Sanskar Teaching and has been the basis of making me successful at it. I highly recommend you take a look at these videos of hers that introduce the program and see if it just might be right for you. In the meantime, keep reading!

I recommend taking these books seriously if you own, run or plan to start a new business. of all that I've read, these are my favorites.

by Susan Jeffers


by Dave Ramsey


by Jen Sincero


by Rachel Hollis


by Malcolm Gladwell


by Barbara Stanny


by Gary Keller


by Thomas J. Stanley


by Tara Mohr


by Seth Godin


by Tim Ferris


by John Mackay


by Richard Laermer


by Jonah Berger


by Stephen Pressfield


by Sally Hogshead


by W. Chan Kim

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