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Diwali Gift Guide

For giving and for decorating

during the festival of Diwali

Diwali, like every occasion presents its challenges when it comes to coming up with gift's why I publish these gift guides through out the year. I hope you find them helpful. What's absolutely wonderful about doing that through the process I discover some pretty amazing, unique things to buy myself!

I welcome your sharing in the comments below YOUR ideas so you can help me and we all help each other.

Diwali Celebration Sweets Box

$39.95 to $59.95 depending on size box

14-Piece Set:

  • Boule Pistachio: Crunchy hazelnut is rolled in pistachios. (2 pieces)

  • Charlotte Sesame: Crunchy sesame shell is filled with silky chocolate. (2 pieces)

  • Rocher: Crunchy almond is rolled in hazelnuts. (2 pieces)

  • Bjewia: Almonds and pistachios are topped with dried roses. (2 pieces)

  • Buche Hazelnut: Crunchy hazelnut is combined with white chocolate and berries. (3 pieces)

  • Buche Pistachio: Crunchy pistachios are combined with white chocolate and lemon. (3 pieces)

23-Piece Set:

  • Boule Pistachio: Crunchy hazelnut is rolled in pistachios. (2 pieces)

  • Charlotte Sesame: Crunchy sesame shell is filled with silky chocolate. (2 pieces)

  • Rocher: Crunchy almond is rolled in hazelnuts. (2 pieces)

  • Bjewia: Almonds and pistachios are topped with dried roses. (2 pieces)

  • Buche Hazelnut: Crunchy hazelnut is combined with white chocolate and berries. (3 pieces)

  • Buche Pistachio: Crunchy pistachios are combined with white chocolate and lemon. (3 pieces)

  • Yasmina: Soft mixture of almond and pistachio. (2 pieces)

  • Crown Walnut: Crunchy walnut with white chocolate and almond. (2 pieces)

  • Baklava El Bey: Crunched pistachio enclosed in almond paste. (1 piece)

  • Pineapple: Chopped almond and hazelnut topped with pistachio. (2 pieces)

  • Almond Boat: Sliced almonds and caramel chocolate. (2 pieces)

Diwali Celebration Outfit for 18-inch doll

The celebration set includes:

  • A colorful brocade choli top

  • A floor-length brocade lehenga skirt

  • A bright pink mesh dupatta, or shawl, with embroidered gold trim on one edge

  • A bindi sticker card that includes stick-on earrings

  • A gold choker-style necklace

  • Two pink beaded bracelets on elastic

  • A pair of strappy gold sandals

  • A doll-sized diya with gold plating

  • A booklet that highlights five different cultural celebrations

Diwali Peacock Porch Banners

  • There are 2 pieces of hanging banner flags.

  • Size:12×71inch(30×180cm)

  • Easy to hang:Here is an easy-hanging rope on the top of the hanging banner flag, which can be hung directly on both sides of the door.

Colorful Lanterns-set of 6

  • Set of six mini lanterns, each lantern is finished gem tone color mercury glass and burnished gold metal accents

  • This set includes one of each color: pink, red, green, purple, blue, and orange

  • Each of the multicolored lanterns is lit with bright LEDs for a festive, romantic glow

  • Each lantern is turned on by a discrete switch on the bottom and powered by 2 AAA Batteries (not included)

  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor events, but should be protected from the elements

Jasmine Garland

These Jasmine rose strings are very beautiful can be used as a curtain or backdrop decor.

They are approx 5 / 3 feet length.

These are Handmade Indian Handicrafts Decorative plastic Mogra/Jasmine garlands

Limited Edition Diwali Flavors Ice Cream

Ghughra ice cream – Inspired by Ghughra, little pockets of pastry filled with a nutty, milky and cardamom spiced mixture. Single origin cardamom layered in freshly ground almonds and cashews, and mixing in the traditional ghughra trio of milk powder, ghee and sugar.

Puran Poli ice cream – This ice cream takes the sweetened lentil bread, to a new level, with pieces of toasted, ghee-topped roti.

Ras Malai ice cream cake – The iconic dessert is turned into an ice cream cake. We use the best Sach Foods organic paneer and blend it in our saffron ice cream, which is then sandwiched between our rose and cardamom cakes. It’s a milky and satisfying take on a celebrated sweet.

Parle G. Masala Chai ice cream sandwiches – The popular and nostalgic Indian tea biscuit, Parle G, forever served with a cup of chai, sandwiches our signature Masala Chai ice cream (inspired by Pooja’s family chai recipe). They’re bite-sized deliciousness, and one is never enough! Back by popular demand, these have returned from past celebration boxes!

Personalized Diwali Candle

A beautiful candle perfect for celebrating Diwali this year. Featuring an intricate rangoli design, the candle displays the message 'Happy Diwali' along with a personalised message of your choosing. Celebrate the festival of light with this beautifully crafted 'glow through' candle!

Celebration Kit

Teach your little ones about Diwali, the festival of lights, with this creative kit that includes paintable coasters, felt pieces to make a toran and more.

Holly Jolly Diwali Book

Twenty-nine-year-old Niki Randhawa has always made practical decisions. Despite her love for music and art, she became an analyst for the stability. She's always stuck close to home, in case her family needed her. And she's always dated guys that seem good on paper, rather than the ones who give her butterflies. When she's laid off, Niki realizes that practical hasn't exactly paid off for her. So for the first time ever, she throws caution to the wind and books a last-minute flight for her friend Diya’s wedding.

Niki arrives in India just in time to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, where she meets London musician Sameer Mukherji. Maybe it's the splendor of Mumbai or the magic of the holiday season, but Niki is immediately drawn to Sam. At the wedding, the champagne flows and their flirtatious banter makes it clear that the attraction is mutual.

When Niki and Sam join Diya, her husband and their friends on a group honeymoon, their connection grows deeper. Free-spirited Sam helps Niki get in touch with her passionate and creative side, and with her Indian roots. When she gets a new job offer back home, Niki must decide what she wants out of the next chapter of her life—to cling to the straight and narrow like always, or to take a leap of faith and live the kind of bold life the old Niki never would have dreamed of.

Diwali Chocolate Covered Oreos!

Chocolate Covered Oreo's are EGGLESS cookies!

Treats are decorated with edible embellishments, edible images and FDA approved edible glitter and edible paint.

Colors can be customized on request!

Pure Brass Puja Thali

The entire Pooja Thali set has been made of Brass which has a deep impact on both our spiritual and earthly well-being. It also has several scientifically proven properties that makes it the ideal material for Pooja related products.

Pooja Thali Set includes -

12 inches end to end

1. Pooja Thali with handles

2. Liber Diya

3. Aarthi stick OR Agarbathi stand

4. Water Kalash/Lotta

5. Kum kum katori,

6. Small Spoon

7. Small water tumbler

8. Beads Mala/Chain

Vegan Cashew Pistachio Ladoos

These cashew pistachio ladoos are Indian Traditional Sweet perfect for every celebration.

Each order goes out with complimentary cookie samples and thank you card.

Vegan Option and No nuts Option are available upon request.

Mithai Socks

Are these the cutest things you've ever seen?!

Handmade in California.

Socks feature jalebi, ladoo, chum chum, barfi, and ras malai!

Premium organic cotton

One size fits most

Diwali Decoration Craft Kit for Kids

Everything that you need to assemble the craft is included. Colors might wary from picture shown but always include bright colors that kids universally love (red, yellow, orange, pink, green).


Lantern - 5

Greeting Card - Diya Shape - 1

Greeting Card - Candle Shape - 1

Greeting Card Envelope - 2 pieces

Foam Diya - 10 pieces

For Decoration

Stickers - 1 pieces

Glue - 1 piece

Double Sided tape - 10 pieces (to stick Diya's on to wall / doors).

Instructions to make Diya's and Lanterns.

Also included is multi-color and glitter paper based shapes and rhinestones that you can use to adorn your creation. Instructions are easy to follow. For little kids (< 5 years), I would advise parent supervision as some hand holding might be required but for bigger kids they should be able to take the kit and start making things on their own.

The kit comes wrapped in a beautiful looking box and will spark interest and curiosity particularly for young ones.

Sangeet Linen Napkins

Loomed with 100% organic linen and lined with ecru detailing, these napkins are the perfect accent to any dish. Available in a range of subtle earth tones, every set takes on a relaxed texture, adding an understated elegance to your table.

Handcrafted by a group of master weavers in Kannur, India, each set of six napkins are made start-to-finish in a fair trade environment.

Sacred Rose Hand Cream by Ranavat

Ranavat Sacred Rose Hand Cream is made up of sacred petals from Pushkar, India – the lakeside city dotted with white temples and red rose gardens. The Royals commissioned their rose-infused attars, jams and wines from these majestic gardens. Dip your hands into a bed of these roses, powered by sweet almond oil for vitamins A and E, sesame seed for soothing irritation and of course, pushkar rose for hydration and brightening. Click the photo or link in the title above to explore other wonderful gift products made by my friend Michele at Ranavat.

Azad Leather Tray

The guys in my life are the hardest to buy for...I think these little trays are perfect!

These little fellows are not only a perfect gift, they’re the perfect catch-all trays for odds and ends in every corner of your home. Not only are they handsome, but they’re made from the leather scraps

Made from ethically sourced leather from Kolkata, each tray is handcrafted in a leather workshop in Gurgaon. Since this is a natural product, each tray is one-of-a-kind – expect variation in markings. Made start-to-finish in a fair trade environment.

Diwali Tealight Candle Holder

Handcrafted metal votive holders have a buzzy gold finish that complement Diwali’s bright color bursts. The set is sized for votives with a finger ring and coupe shape that reminds us of our favorite heirloom teacups.

  • Made of stainless steel with a gold finish.

  • Set of 4.

The Perfect Pot by Always Pan

How about this Turmeric color?!?

Combines every single pot and then some. Made with the same game-changing ingenuity that made the Always Pan a sellout, the Perfect Pot does everything from boiling to baking, crisping to steaming

Diwali Fry Set

This collection has everything you need for a delicious Diwali celebration filled with jalebi, gulab jamun, laddu, murukku, pakoras, samosas, or any other fried treats you can dream up! There’s the intricately perforated Skimmer Spoon designed by Lekha and the beautiful wire Cooling Rack designed by Manjit Thapp, plus two clay diyas to light your way in the dark.

Surely with all this variety you have found something wonderful for yourself and those you love!

May the light shine brighly in your life this year and always.

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