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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

There are unique things that desi aunty’s carry in their bags; but there are also things you will not find in a Gujarati Masi’s bag.

Many women carry essentials in their bags. Some like carrying a big purse and some prefer just the bare necessities like ID, cash and credit cards. Then there are these things you may see in others’ bags but not in a Gujarati Masi’s bag.

Morning after pill

Really this is such an intimate issue, I don’t even know if most Gujarati aunties even know what a morning after pill is.


Most of them use pads but if there was a need for that it would be in a dark plastic bag inside another bag so no one would guess that they are carrying a pad.


You may find a bottle of perfume but not really a deodorant.

Birth control pills

This again is an intimate issue, if they do carry it, it would be hidden in the deep most pocket or in a black bag.


Why? I don’t know any Gujarati aunties that smoke openly but then again those who do must carry it.

Pepper spray

Eni shu jaroor? (What is the need for that?) They can scream and kick but this one may not be a bad idea to carry with them.

What other things do you know that would not normally be found in a Gujarati aunty’s purse? Share with us, we would love to hear from you.

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