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Updated: May 3, 2021

Is it going away to an exotic location? Binge watching Netflix? Sleeping in? Having sleepovers with your friends? Visiting family? eating ice creams at odd hours? playing in the water? going to the beach? the list can go on as this is as individual as you and me.

Summer vacation is a much needed break for all of us. Mainly parents, children, teachers and school officials. As much as we all love learning a pause is healthy for us all. As our  Sanskar Teaching Face-To-Face class children take a break from their Gujarati learning, I am reminiscing my younger days and summer vacations in India. What did I do in my break when I was younger? well, I went to visit my grandparents in their small village. We loved carefree living, no school, no schedule, no homework and us being just kids. In the afternoon all the adults took a long nap and us restless kids could not sleep so we found shade in porches and under trees.

We played games. I think Summer was invented for games.

Make believe games, board games water games and those lazy unstructured days.  One of my favorite is called “kooka”, it is similar to jacks. We found the smoothest pebbles and rocks. If they weren’t smooth enough, we would rub the edges against a large stone to smooth them out. Some times we even decorated them with color. Then we played taking turns. Here is a video of this very same game.

Enjoy playing this and other games that make you get out in the nature and get out of looking at a screen!

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