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Tell me you are Desi without telling me you are Desi...

Rotli no dabbo - Roti dabaa⁠

I remember when we spent our summers in my Dada's house in the small village, there were no rotli no dabbo because they only made fresh rotlis, and we ate what we ate and shared the rest with the workers.

There was no need to store them. In the city where we lived, it was necessary to have a container with a lid to keep the rotis fresh and warm.

My mom had a round, stainless steel dabbo, and we loved coming home from school and opening it to find garam garam rotlis in there. If it was our lucky day, it would have some Puris (fried puffed little ones) in there.⁠

In small villages, people use a "Chaab"or "topli" - small basket with a towel to cover the fresh rotlis as well. Over the last few years, these fancy "keep your roti hot" containers came in the market. Milton no dabbo became very popular and then Milton created these tiffin boxes and thermos that kept lunches hot.⁠

What have you used in your house to keep your rotlis garam?

Do you make fresh rotlis or are ok with old ones or frozen ones?

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