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Feeling Better When Dressing Better

I recently discovered something I had no idea about myself:⁠

I actually feel better when I LOOK better!

For me, that means no longer just grabbing whatever old thing happens to be in my closet.

It means making conscious choices and being sure I fill my closet with beautiful clothes, as well as the purely utilitarian ones. ⁠

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For years, I thought taking care of others around me was more important than spending time on myself. One of the ways I show myself love and care now is taking care in how I look and feel. ⁠

People around me have noticed too. (Should I be embarrassed? I'm thinking I must have looked pretty sloppy or just ordinary before! 🤣)⁠

At dinners and family gathering people come up and say “hey, you look really nice” or “Vaishali, you’re looking like a boss lady”. At one recent party THREE different people came up to me and commented. I was so surprised. And it felt awkward...a feeling I need to digest and get ok with. It's more attention than I'm used to.⁠

What is your take on this for yourself? ⁠

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