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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Raising kind hearted kids in a cold, disconnected and impersonal world….

We live in times where everybody is so engrossed in their own problems, own growth and own success that we have forgotten to value and respect each other.

This is very prevalent where we see, not just teenagers anymore, but all of us hooked onto our cell phones and other devices. Most of us the first thing in the morning we do is grab our phones, check text messages, emails and the last thing we do before we go to bed is to unwind with watching Netflix movies or videos on YouTube.

This closes us up because now it’s just about you and that machine so you refuse to interact with others and now you feel like,  “I don’t need anybody in this world, all I need is me, my phone and my gadgets.”

The reality is that none of us really need anybody, but would we be better with support that only a human touch, a human contact and human sight can give you. Forget humans, we no longer have time to go take a walk in nature or to walk our pets.

It is all about – what do I need to do to get your head in my field and this starts very young because we teach our young ones how to get ahead by putting them into competitive sport at such a young age. Then they enter the world of middle school and high school where competition becomes a little bit more fierce and it continues on to the college world.

Then they enter the world of middle school and high school where competition becomes a little bit more fierce and it continues on to the college world where it’s a complete different ballgame and the worst comes when one enters into the work field where the sheer definition of success is based on how far up the ladder you are?

So what do we do? We push others out of our way so that we can get to the top of that ladder. We no longer care if we’re hurting other people’s feelings or if our actions affect others.

So is it wrong to raise children by teaching them reverence, consideration of others feelings, respect and mindfulness? No, definitely not.

However, it’s a small minority of us that actually behave that way so when these mindful children go out into the real world their soft hearts and caring nature is considered and looked upon as a weak quality, but let me remind you, having a soft heart in this world is a strength, not a weakness.

Don’t be afraid to hold onto your values no matter how they are perceived by others. There will be those who are way ahead of your game, those who will do whatever it takes to get there, and those who perhaps are extroverts or just pretending so that they could get ahead in life.

You be you, don’t compare yourself to others and work on making your strength stronger.

So that soft respectful revering heart stays just the way it is because that is the type of impact this world needs. You don’t need to make big donations,  you don’t need to create or invent big discoveries, you don’t need to make millions of dollars so you can help others.  The best way to impact this world is being true to who you are and not changing yourself so that you could fit into the mold.

List positive qualities of a soft-hearted person you admire and are dear to you. Share with us, we would love to hear from you.

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