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Methi Paak - by @thecardamompod

Updated: May 3, 2021

Methi Paak is made of gram flour (Chanaa no lot), methi (fenugreek), ghee and many other warming spices for winter. When I was growing up my mom made this at home around winter time and this was a staple breakfast for us in the morning. "Ek chaktu khayi leedhu etle aakho divas chaale" (Eat one square and that will give you energy for the whole day)


As I am exploring how to get my gut in the best shape it can be, I keep going back to all the things folks ate in India in certain time of the year, and certain time of the day. This Methi paak recipe from Chhaya @thecardamompods, who is a UK based food blogger, is a really good one with so many wonderful and nutritious spices for our bodies during the winter months.


Here is the Recipe:


Methi paak by @thecardamompod



2 lb Channaa Flour or Magaj flour

2 lb Urad flour

1/2 lb Singora Flour(Water Chestnut flour)

3 handfuls Magaj Tari

3/4lb Gundar

3 Nutmegs

1 handful Eliachi seeds

1/4 lb Batrishoo

2 handful Cuscus

6 Oz Shredded almonds/Pistachio

2 handful Chaaroli

2 handful Sultanas

2 Handfuls Gunther

1 whole coconu Vati

1/4 lb Ginger powder

1 1/2lb Cicing Sugar

3/4 lb Methi powder

Plenty of homemade ghee



Grind the methi, gundar, nutmeg to powderFinely chop almonds and pistachioGrate the coconutSlow cook each of the flours separately for around 15 mins. Add a good few handfuls of the powdered gundaar and mix throughly. You should hear slight crackling as this cooks through. Keep stirring and cook for a further 5 mins. You should get an aroma when doen. Place each cooked flour into a large dish making sure you add the gundaar into each flour.In a little more ghee and add the magaj tari, coconut, sultanas, chaaroli. This only needs cooking through for a few minutes. Add all of this to the cooked flour.Add the gunthora, batreeshu, ginger powder, methi powder, elaichi, cuscus, almonds, pistachio, icing sugar, leave a little almonds. pistacio/ elaichi/ chaaroli for topping.Mix everything through, mixture should now not be hot so should be able to use your hands. Taste and add elchi, methi,ginger powder, sugar to taste.Line tray with cling flim and pour mixture in. Should be about 1 inch to 1 1/2high. Pat mixture down and sprinkle with more almonds, pistachio, elchi and chaaroli. Gently pat into mixture so it all sticks. Leave it to setCut into desired chunks and enjoy.

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