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Kutchhi Dabeli: History + Recipe

Updated: May 3, 2021

Recently one of our live class student said, “Koro thoyh”? when I

asked them how do you say in your family “What happened?”

Others said, “Shu thayu?”

Many were confused at the first

students’ response. That student speaks Kutchhi at home.

Kutchh is a western region of state of Gujarat in India which

neighbors the Sindh region in Pakistan, thus these two languages

Sindhi and Kutchhi are similar. Kutchhi is a mix of Gujarati, Punjabi

and Marwari (Rajasthani dialect).

As with quite few food inventions it comes out of a mistake or a

deliberate thought out process. Dabeli comes from the town of

Mandavi from the Kutchh region. A gentleman named, Keshavji

Gabha Chudasama also known as Kesha Malam, is credited for

coming up with this recipe.

My personal reason for loving Dabeli is that I love pomegranate and

this is one of the few Indian dishes that incorporates them.

Recipe by Milk and Cardamom:

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