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Updated: May 3, 2021

In many ways, kids post or the kids section of Gujarati news is so appealing to me as this skips all the sad, negative news of what is wrong with our world. Ideal kids newspaper would have stories, puzzles, games, crafts, lessons on morals and values, fun surprises and the magic of imagination.

As a young girl growing up in India where reading a newspaper was part of many grownups routine, I always wondered what was in it that made my Dad laugh by himself while sipping his morning Chai.

There was newspaper delivered not just in the morning but we got the evening newspaper as well. My Dad made sure the evening paper was in English to expand his own learning of the language.

Children’s newspaper needs wide range of stories with carefully presented data and be informative, spare the negative undertones, provide challenges through competitions and never patronize the reader. The guardian is one of those newspapers that I love sharing with my teenagers online.

Why not use the love of reading, imagination, playfulness and creative flow with Gujarati news to help your children learn Gujarati in the same fashion?

We at are working on an exciting new project where we will be producing a small monthly newspaper digital and a physical copy for the children where they will learn Gujarati through English.

If I sent them a Gujarati newspaper for Kids it may feel a bit overwhelming so our 2-5 page paper will have instructions in English and phonetics to help them learn Gujarati language and culture through games, crafts, stories, puzzles, alphabet, and other fun simple ideas that we use in our live classes. Can’t wait for all of you to see this.

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