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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Khaman: (Yellow savory sponge cakes) by Gita Patel

Gluten free (Can be made Vegan)

1. 1 cup Chanaa ni daal 2. 2 tbsp Greek Yogurt/ or for Vegan Option use 2tsp Lemon Juice 3. 2-3 green serrano peppers 4. 1tbsp minced ginger 5. 2tsp salt 6. 2tsp Eno/Baking Soda mix 7. 1tbsp Olive oil + 1tbsp Olive oil for vaghar 8. 1tsp mustard seed/Rai 9. 2tbsp chopped Cilantro for garnish. 10. 1tsp of Asofetida(Hing) 11. Steamer or a medium pot with a daatharo or small stainless steel plate facing down. 12. 1-2 bowls of water for steaming. 13. 1 medium-large stainless steel plate or Kathrot 14. Blender or Vitamix 15. 2 bowl water to Soak the daal in.

Mehtod/How to cook:

1. You can soak the Chanaa daal overnight or even just for 2 hours. 2. Blend the Chanaa daal, serrano peppers, ginger, Salt, Yogurt or lemon juice with 2-3 tbsp of water or more if needed to get medium thick consistency. 3. Boil the 2 bowl water in a medium pot to steam the Khaman 4. Take a medium plate, add 1tbsp of Olive oil, add the blended mixture in this plate and add the Eno/baking soda mix and mix well. 5. Put this plate in the medium pot to steam on top of the small plate facing down. Make sure the water level is low and does not touch the top plate. 6. Cover the lid and cook for 30 minutes on medium heat 7. Turn off the heat and remove the plate using mitts as the plate will be hot. 8. Let it cool off for 10 minutes 9. You can cut these into pieces and eat it just like this or continue 10. Small nonstick pot put 1tbsp of Oil and add mustard seeds and let them pop, add the Asofetida(Hing) 11. Add this mixture on top of the plate of steamed Khaman. 12. Garnish with the Cilantro.

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