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Hindi Alphabet Chart

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

One of the most popular languages spoken in India is the Hindi language. The first thing someone should do when they are starting to learn Hindi (or any language for that matter!) is to learn the alphabet - you can't learn words without learning the letters! The Hindi Alphabet has 49 characters as shown here on this chart.

In Sanskar Teaching's FREE Alphabet Chart we show the Hindi letter outlined. Below the letter, the English pronunciation is written out so you can learn not only what the alphabet looks like, as well as how to pronounce the Hindi alphabet letters.

A couple fun facts about the Hindi alphabet: The Hindi Alphabet is also known as the Devanagari alphabet, because the Devanagari alphabet is the alphabet used to make up many different dialects, such as Sanskrit or Marathi. Hindi is written from the left to the right, just like English.

Use this PDF to get a head start on learning Hindi, and when you are ready for more, come visit our live group class listings at Sanskar Teaching and we will make you fluent!

We have many FREE resources so you can learn about Desi culture over on our Youtube, Freebie page, and blog.

When you're ready to take language learning a step further and become fluent in Hindi, check out our live classes here.

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