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Gujarati resources during Quarantine and beyond!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The year 2020 will be most remembered for the epidemic of Corona Virus - Covid 19. This lockdown and quarantined time is necessary and it is helping lessen the spread of this virus that is taking down so many lives. This new way of living is challenging for all of us and especially for those who relied on human contacts and connections to make their days more meaningful like the elderly family members. Home schooling is no fun for many of us as this is new and we are adjusting and learning as we go. We use hand sanitizers and wear masks to prevent spreading and catching the virus. We eat and eat a lot.


It seems all I have doing these days is cooking and eating:). I love how boredom brings out some wonderful ideas and explorations. I have looked and looked for things to do and here is what has helped me to continue learning and being entertained with more Gujarati while I am locked down at home. I have created this list so it will be of help to people of all ages and abilities. Some may not want to look at the screen and they can listen to audio books and podcasts, some may like visuals and may want to watch entertaining and educational shows or movies. Not all resources are in Gujarati however they are historical and spiritually relevant to all desi folks.



1. Lage raho Gujjubhai (Nātak(play) on Shemaroome)

2. Jalsaa karo jayantilaal (Nātak on Shemaroome or Youtube)

3. Parnelaa ne puchhi juvo (Play)

4. Gujjubhai e gaam gajavyu (play)

5. Gujjubhai ni golmaal

6. Bas kar bakulaa

7. Gujjubhai banyan dabang (My favorite)

8. Gujjubhai the great (movie)

9. Kevi rite jayish (Movie)

10. Saptapadii (Movie)


1. Devo ke dev Mahadev (These shows are in Hindi and can be found on @hotstar)

2. Siya ke Ram (Hotstar)

3. Paramavtar Shri Krishna (Zee)

4. Ramayan (Amazon Prime)

5. Vighnaharta Ganesh (Sonyliv)

6. Mahabharata (Hotstar)

7. Gujarati Nataks Like all of Gujjubhai series (Shemaroomeusa)

8. Gujarati movies

*Online Gujarati reading resources for adults: - You can read many ebooks and there are audio options available for books for those who want to listen to them.

6. Gujarati magazines to read and subscribe: and

* Podcast in Gujarati for kids:

1. Books that speak and choose the Gujarati story, they also have Marathi and Hindi books

2. Youtube has many stories online

*Reading books you can get on Amazon in Gujarati:

8. Othaar

9. Aakhet

10. Kajal Oza Vaida (any of her books are a great read)

11. Bhaagya naa bheru

* My YouTube is one of the best resources for music and songs.

Stay safe!

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