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Gluten Free Gor Papadi

Updated: May 3, 2021

What if I tell you, Gluten Free folks can also enjoy this Gujarati Treat?⁠


🔆 GOR PAAPADI - Gluten Free⁠


I grew up eating Sukhadi and did not know about Gor Paapadi's existence until I got married. They are similar and different. This is normally made with wheat flour, ghee and gaud.⁠




When you get to go to India next time and are traveling around Gujarat be sure to go to Mahudi and visit the Jain temple there because the "SUKHADI" Prasad there is really good and know this will not be gluten free at all. ⁠




My mother in law is known for the soft and delicious Gor Paapadi she makes and as she is stuck in India with the quarantine stuff going on, one of the things I miss is her GF Gor Paapadi and Magas. Fear not though her sister, my Masi sasu has my back and she makes this for me as well. So blessed to have these women in my life. ⁠




You can find this Gluten Free Gor Paapadi recipe on our blog. Click the link in Bio to get the recipe. ⁠


If you are Gluten Free what do you miss the most?⁠



1 cup Chanaa no lot (Gram flour)

2-3 tbsp Ghee

2-3 tsp Milk

2-3 tsp Sesame seed

1/2 cup Jaggery (gaud/ gor)

1 tsp Fennel/ Variyadi powder

1 tsp Cloves / Laving powder


In a small pot add the ghee and chanaa no lot, roast this flour stirring frequently till it browns.

Add the sesame seeds and stir and roast some more

Add the jaggery or gor and continuously stir until all of the gor melts on medium to low heat.

Add the fennel and cloves powder.

Spread the mixture in a stainless still or parchment covered plate.

Add or sprinkle the milk to make it a little soft

Let it cool for a little bit and use a butter knife to make pieces.

Let it cool some more. and enjoy.

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