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Updated: May 3, 2021

We live in a world of inequality and that is the reality. Some of us are blessed to have it all while others struggle to even find food for the day. Yes, this world is big and its normal to feel that how am I going to be help it change? The truth is you can, I can and we all can. It begins with “me”. I have to do what I am capable of to help others. So many blessings come our way by just setting an intention to help.

Sometimes I think charity begins at home right? so, shouldn’t I have all I can before I go out and help others. However, “All I can” should be “All I need”. Do I really need another luxury car? Do I need new clothes every month? Do I need new gadgets?. This is not to say don’t enjoy your blessings or feel guilty enjoying them. By all means enjoy all the luxuries and your heart’s desires and at the same time have an intention to be of help to this world. It does not have to mean money or monetary help. It can be your time, your smile, your support, your kindness.

We all are aware of this at some level and we in the western world forget how blessed we are. We do not wake up and think how am I going feed my family today? How will I walk 5 miles each way to attend a school? I personally, have to remind myself that in order for me to help others and be of service to this world, I don’t need to go serve in Africa, send money or adopt a child, volunteer or put it on my calender. I only have to put out a clear intention that I want to help and opportunities are always presented to me in my daily life. Here is what I get out of all of this:

1.    Good Karma: What goes around comes around. You help others in turn in your time of need (and trust me we all need someone or something at one time or the other), others will be of help to you.

2.    Feels good: You forget all of your pain , worries and hurts when you are focused on how you can be of help to this world.

3.    Empowerment: You get a sense of worthiness that you have something that can benefit someone else, may be you have the ability to bring a smile on someone’s face.

4.    Humility: It also allows you to see that sometimes our mind does make a mountain of a mole. Our problems when compare with those in need seem smaller and not so important.

5.    Keep ego in check: If you choose not to talk about how are helping others and making a difference then that pride or ego will learn to be quiet. Don’t do it for the sake of receiving fame or credit, do it because you genuinely care.

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