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Updated: May 3, 2021

We live in a world where you are constantly afraid that you need to be everywhere in every place, just so that you are not missing out on all the goodness that’s around. You feel that you need to be part of everything that’s happening: Part of the abundance and prosperity of this universe. However, we forget that we have to play all roles, not just the role of the participants. Sometimes it’s better to play the role of a spectator or an observer.

There is something super powerful about letting somebody else shine. It means that honestly, genuinely, and deep down in yourself, you’re celebrating somebody else’s victory. It is really easy to celebrate your own victory or your loved ones’. When you truly celebrate that other person’s victory in your mind, your ego is probably justifying it by saying, “Oh it was easy for them.”. “Oh you know how they get everything they want all the time so what’s the big deal it’s not like they struggled.”.

The duality of things is that our spiritual world teaches us to have your focus inward on your progress and struggles rather than outwards. However, I feel that you have to be selective. When you are seeking calm and peace your focus should be inside yourself. When you are looking for achievements, accomplishments & material victory that feed the ego, focus on other people rather than yourself. At the end of the day, we’re all right so if that person gets to be on front page of the newspaper, be happy for them instead of feeling that jealousy or envy and thinking “why am I not up there?”.

This also allows you to trust the process of life because we are all safe and we are all taken care of. The universe has more than any of us can tap into. It is limitless & abundant. We are all getting exactly what we need in this moment. What I’m getting is super valuable so why not be grateful for it and not compare my chapter 1 to somebody else’s chapter 40. We don’t need to be everywhere or do every single happening thing. Be here, be now & be thankful!

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