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Updated: May 3, 2021

I was driving yesterday and listening to the “Magic Lessons” podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert ( Author of Eat, Pray, Love) and she said something so profound that it got me thinking… She said to one of her callers, “Have arrogance of belonging, I am neither the greatest nor the worst. I am simply here and I am present”.

In Indian culture, especially Gujarati homes, women are taught to be polite and timid as it is supposed to be a sign of character and beauty.

“Sharam e Shtree nu gharenu chhe” (Timidness is a jewel of a woman).

I see how this is correct in many ways, as it creates certain boundaries. There is the other extreme where women don’t own their power or honor their voice. The talent, grace, skills, knowledge, wisdom and art they carry never come out. All of it dies with them and this is supposed to be good? What are we afraid of? Rejection? From who? I feel when one lets the gates of their fire, talent and wisdom open, they are doing great justice to not just others but also mainly to themselves.

Yes, there will be those around you to criticize or belittle you but there will also be those who will look up to you, benefit from you. Does it really matter? Do it for yourself. All of us are inherently good at something. Why not value it? You don’t have to be on covers of magazines or be on billboards but if you aim to be that’s also great. All you have to do is honor that gift and share it with the world, even if your gift doesn’t help this world or help anyone, you will be helping yourself by honoring and empowering you!

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