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There are so many TALENTED creators out there in the global Indian community! I love collaborating with others and sharing their wisdom. Usually, this is just over email, DM, text, etc. The wonderful thing about Podcasts is you can have long conversation and get in depth to topics in a unique way! There's something special about listening to someone's voice and being able to hear tone, emotion, and excitement. I encourage you to listen to these podcasts below:

Millennial Mama

This podcast is hosted by the brilliant Sanchi who is an advocate for baby led parenting. In her podcast she shares about her journey with her baby Alaia.

I love this podcast as it recognizes the challenge of being a parent and not always getting it tight, and offers expert support and sharing experiences, judgement free!

In Season 2 Episode 7, "Are you Sanskari?" , I talk about moving to the United States and finding ways to preserve my cultural identity and background. I discuss the importance of connecting to your roots and how I helped my own kids (and now kids around the world) stay close to their culture!

Listen to the Podcast Now.

Trust Me... I Know What I'm Doing

"Conversation offers the antidote to apathy, the catalyst for relationships, and the birth of the next idea!"

"Trust Me... I Know What I'm Doing" is hosted by Abhay Dandekar, who has spent much of his life in conversation with people from every generation! Abhay has been a physician for over 20 years, and is profoundly committed to medical education, advocating for children, and advancing equitable healthy outcomes in our health systems and communities.

I was delighted to be a part of this podcast, where he talks to talented individuals who are making progress in every profession, every genre of art, every journey - showing that the South Asian diaspora has folded these into our collective ongoing narrative.

In this episode, Abhay and I discuss the journey of teaching Desi language and culture to a wide audience and developing relationships within multiple generations.

Listen to the podcast now!

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