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Are you just in it to win?

Are you part of the race?

Do you care if you win or lose?⁠

During one of my morning readings recently I came across this little gem of a phrase in Gujarati:⁠

"મારે હરિફાઇમાં નથી ઉતરવું, ખાલી જોવું છે કે કોણ પહેલો આવ્યો અને કોણ હાંફી ને થાકી ગયો"⁠

Maare Harifaai maa nathi utrarvu, khaali jove chhe ke kon pehelo aavyo ane kon haafi ne thaaki gayo.⁠

There is more to life than simply winning or losing. We all strive to be the "BEST" at what we do, we want to be on the top, gain the fame, the respect, the wealth, and the freedom that we associate with all of this.

"I choose not to be part of the race, I simply observe who comes first and who is panting trying"⁠

There is so much freedom when we allow ourselves not to be in the race. I know for many this idea may not work as winning is everything.

I think doing our best in every situation equals to being fully present in whatever we choose to do. This smile in my picture reminds of the freedom I feel when I give myself permission to be better and better version of myself and not compare my journey to someone else's. ⁠

Do you think winning is important? Is it a motivation to give it your all?⁠

Let me know what you think!

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