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An Honest Experience with Marie Forleo's B-School

Working hard vs working smart

We are a culture where working like a horse, being productive and utilizing our time and every minute to the best of our ability is the status quo. We want all the luxuries, traveling and more and so we work hard. However I am learning that working smart can get you all of that and peace and calm with it. Trust me, I worked “hard” for years too and then a dear friend of mine introduced me to “Marie Forleo” and “B -School”

Who is Marie Forleo?

Marie is a marketing + lifestyle expert and NY Times best-selling author of the book, Everything is Figueroutable.

I first came across Marie when I was going down the rabbit hole of Youtube videos and came across her Q&A Tuesday .

Why I instantly and continue to connect with Marie:

  • She is goofy and real. This keeps things light and make me feel like she is a friend nextdoor

  • She is not perfect, and she is not afraid to goof up and even to admit this on screen

  • I totally love her Jersey accent especially when she tells stories about her childhood

  • She is always looking for ways to keep growing which important to me as an example

  • Dancing – I can totally see myself doing this (you'll understand when you watch her!)

  • She shares and teaches from her heart so nothing she does feels sales-pitchy

  • Doesn’t claim to know it all or claim to be a guru in any aspect (Now THAT I relate to!)

  • Her spiritual growth and ability to examine being a woman with a 360 degree view

I can go on and on...

So What is B-School?

B-School is a 6-week, interactive video lessons course that teaches effective and profitable online marketing strategies for business owners who want more, who want to grow and make more money and also for people who have a great idea they haven't yet presented to the world and need help getting started. That was a little bit me..

At first, when my friend introduced me to this, I was like 'I can watch free youtube videos and learn'. When I first started my business, I was content to use free tools, thinking I didn't need to pay for training. So I grew a smidge here and there...tiny increments at a time. It seemed fine enough. Then, I saw that what Marie Forleo had that I wanted was something she was offering: ready-made templates/materials, community, tons of encouragement and and just really clear guidance.

I talked to my husband and he said let's do it.He has an amazing business sense and reminded me that you have to invest in yourself and in your brand so that you can learn to do this effectively and earn 10x more than this investment. And boy am I glad I did this. Just in the 1st year, my business was in 5 figures but it jumped to 10x more to 6 figures in the next 2 years and it continues to grow great leaps and bounds every single year.

If you are a small business owner and have been wanting to learn how to market your business effectively then I say do it. Enroll in Marie Forleo’s B school.

You are so so worth it.

In Gujurati we say “"hamanaa 1000 kharachiye to 10,000 banaavataaa sikhiye”

Translation: Invest 1,000 now so you can learn to earn 10,000 later.

B-School takes place only once a year.

This year (2021) enrollment opens July 22nd and closes July 28 (after have to wait until enrollment opens again NEXT year!) Session begins August 2nd.

If you're curious about it at all, I suggest watching these 3 free trainings she has out right now. Click this picture to take you there.

Or she's doing a Webinar Thursday July 22, 2021. Sign up here.

I talk about my experience with B-School and I give you my honest review about it in a video over on my YouTube channel which you can watch here.

For a general big picture overview of Marie Forleo's B-School, see here.

The Member's Only access to the course looks like this (in case you're curious): If you look at the side bar to the left you will see just a snippet of the amount of content you get with this course.

I wish you all the success and peace you can possibly find in the endeavor you choose to follow. Know that you can do it. Everything is possible.. What I discovered is that by doing this training, I work smarter now and I wish that for you too. Work smarter and have that passive income that gives you freedom to live and enjoy this life to its fullest


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