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Judging Those Who Don't Speak English

We look the same, we dress the same, we eat the same food, then why do you say he is Bengali, Sri Lankan, Pakistani? And why are we called Indian?” my little nephew asked this question one day.⁠

It got me thinking how did some people who thought of themselves as superior to everyone else, came to a new land and spliced it up in different parts. Before the British invasion, we were a one big large nation and a force to be reckon with. ⁠

You have to give it to the British empire, for knowing and learning the psychology of all the nations and lands they invaded.

They knew exactly how to break us. They knew how strong we were spiritually and mentally, but they also knew where we were weak.

Change our education system and make everything about them and their lifestyle seem glamorous and superior including their LANGUAGE and their way of life. Who doesn’t want to be their best and best was defined by them. ⁠

Even to this day in India, many people think if you don’t speak English you are inferior or “gamaar”. Instead, how about we treat those people who choose to talk in their native language in their homes, families and with their friends with respect, reverence and admiration?

I have noticed this with young families when their toddlers only speak their language even amongst their own people, they are looked down upon like why doesn’t your kid speak English? English is a necessary tool to survive in this global economy but it doesn’t have to invade your homes.

Next time you come across a child who speaks only Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Urdu, Bengali or any of the native languages, take a second and commend that parent for bringing this gift to their child. ⁠

As adults, who live outside of India or even in India it is difficult to speak in our native language with each other, so these parents are dedicated and diligent about speaking their language and that takes effort so show some appreciation and not a smirky or cocky look like their child is inferior!

What do you think? How do you plan on raising your children?


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