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Updated: May 3, 2021

Out of the 65.5 million speakers of the Gujarati language in the world, the majority live in the western state of India, Gujarat. As with any language, it sounds different in different parts of the state as people have their own accent and ways of speaking Gujarati in their own regions. Here are some common and popular accents in Gujarati:

Surati Gujarati: This is spoken in the southern part of the state of Gujarat. It can sound a bit harsh and is known to have many bad words in it. This region is known for their fondness for luxury and food.

Vadodara Gujarati: In the Baroda or Vadodara district, Gujarati is spoken a little more formally than other areas. This is a university town where many art lovers and academics have lived.Kathiyavaadi

Gujarati: Normally spoken in Rajkot and kutch area of Gujarat. Their accent makes it sound very lyrical and musical. They are art lovers who gave us many authors and poets.

Charotar Gujarati: In Kheda district near Baroda, this Gujarati is spoken with a distint accent.Mehsana Gujarati: This sounds similar to charotar Gujarati however is pretty distinct and Unique.

It doesn’t matter how it is spoken or with what accent, the point is value and respect Gujarati language and lets honor it by speaking Gujarati.

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