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Going All-Out for Birthdays

So, tell me you are Desi without telling me you are Desi. 🤣🤣

For the longest time I thought this is how everyone in the world celebrated their birthdays!

At Desi birthdays, you see people actually feeding the cake to the birthday boy or girl (even when they are much much older, like 90 something!).

You will hear "your turn, now you feed her/him" and then take a picture with that person. ⁠⁠

The "Happy Birthday to you" song is not enough. "Baar baar din e aaye..." and until you wish Sunita happy birthday it's not complete (#iykyk)😂.

Many New Age Desi folks cringe at this, and feel this is so "FOBBY". But you will always have an uncle, aunty, or a grandparent that will bust out this to feel like they are fully celebrating. ⁠

Hugs and"pa ge laagavaanu"(Peri pona - touching the feets of your elders and taking blessings) along with money envelopes is a normal thing in many families like ours.

Good Desi food, Bollywood music, games, and laughter will complete a Desi birthday celebration!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?

Let's connect! I would love to update you whenever something new and exciting is happening.

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