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Gift Guide: Tech

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Tech gifts are seriously fun because they are literally new and improved each year. These for some reason also tend to be really great kind of gifts for guys (?)...maybe except the awesome scale on the list that measures bone density, body fat % and muscle (should I really 💜 this like I do? I keep it all to myself in my bathroom). For all that muscle, the scale is SO inexpensive at only like $35.⁠

Oh there is so much goodness in this guide!⁠ Let's go....

Retro is back! This Saregama Caravan comes preloaded with 5000 evergreen songs and you can pick your language: Hindi, Marathi, Bengali or Tamil. My in-laws are 100% in love with theirs! Yours will be too!

If someone is an early riser this is especially helpful for them. The Philips Sunrise Alarm Clock allows you to wake up naturally, as if with the sun. Doctor recommended apparently for helping people establish good sleep/wake routines. Any which way, it's a nice, gentle way to greet the day.

I've used Sonicare since they came out and when Philips launched the Diamond Care line, which is slimmer, more beautiful and comes in my favorite color (purple), it was a no-brainer for me. You literally feel like you've just been to the dentist for a teeth cleaning after every brush. This is a go-to gift for friends and family.

Garmin is the gold standard in the world of fitness and activity tracking. A super quality product, you can't go wrong. Track steps, heart rate, floors climbed, calories burned and overall fitness. Has a relaxation-based breathing timer which is pretty cool plus all-day stress tracking. We all need this, right?

Don't be limited by a cord!

Go wireless. Cool thing about these is they still come with a cord so you can use them with airplane entertainment systems. In my opinion Bose makes the best headphones for sound performance.

If you really want to splurge on someone, go for the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700. They come for a limited time in this luscious Triple Midnight color that is to die for. And the styling is even more sleek than these below.

Bose also offers a couple really great options for sport earphones. The Bose Sport Earbuds fit independently in your ears and they fit snuggly so they actually STAY in your ears whether you're doing sit ups or sprints. The most inexpensive optio coming in under $100 is the Bose Wireless Sport headphones that have a cord between them to make them easier to find, harder to lose.

For everyday (non-sport) use, the Apple AirPods Pro are what you see millennials wearing on the street (you know...they look a little bit like q-tips?) These offer a nice, noise-canceling experience that makes your music, podcast or phone call an immersive experience even if you're walking the busy streets of the city. Now at Apple they are even offering free engraving on the cases--choose emoji's, letters or numbers.

Do you know everyone should be wearing blue light glasses if they look at a screen (phone, tv, computer) at all? From our devices we get exposed to harmful blue light which is known to trigger macular degeneration (ya...we don't need that). So protect your eyes and those you love with these inexpensive glasses to wear while working. You don't need a prescription, but they do offer reader strengths.

This is the least expensive smart scale I've ever seen (under $50) and it works as well as the $250 Tanita one my husband bought years back. Get info on BMI, body water, visceral fat, bone mass, body age, and more. What I love most is that I'm an Apple phone user and when my husband bought his, he is an Android user. So I could never get my data without logging in to computer attached to it. THIS scale conveniently and easily connects with an iPhone app that seamlessly transfers the data for you to 'analyze' and tracks it for you. Love, love, love.

Your man wants to protect you...give him a way you can both enjoy. The Google Nest Outdoor Security Camera can be easily mounted with a screwdriver...and maybe you might need a drill depending where you put. Then both of you can survey your domain to see when packages get delivered, when guests arrived and keep a constant eye on any nefarious activity out there!

Tiny, until you turn it on and find out it is both Siri and Google Voice connected! You can also gather your friends around it for a speaker phone call. Woot woot. It's waterproof and pretty cool for listening on the go or in your room.

You can't even believe this one and it is truly high tech. No more throwing away cheap, short-lived plastic lighters from the drug store. This one has no flame. No butane. Totally safe. This lighter uses an electrical pulse and plasma technology. Because of this, the 'flame' can't be blown out by a gust of wind when camping or boating. It's also splash proof and get this: it's rechargeable! 500 lights on a single USB charge. You gotta try it! Besides the bendy head means you can get into candles where the wick has gotten buried in the wax. 😆

and finally.....

Use this to keep track of all the things you bought above. Handy little app pairs with it. Put a Tile Tracker in everyone's stocking and they will never lose anything again (perfectly handy on my husband's golf bag, my son's car keys, my daughter's ice skate tote and my cousin's gym bag. I've tucked them into suitcases too...cuz you never know)

I hope you found this gift guide useful! Let's keep in touch:

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