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Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Classy Dad

“Any man can be a Dad, but it takes someone special to be a father.”

A few years ago, I lost my dad. This makes Father's Day even more meaningful to me because I appreciate the idea of it that much more as I miss the wonderful man who was my father.

These days on Father's Day I make sure I give extra special honor to all the important men in my life from my husband who is the father of my two beautiful children, my brother who has two amazing children of his own, and my father-in-law who lives with us and I cherish like a father.

It's always a challenge for me to figure out what to give all these great guys. I want to give them more than a tie or a T-shirt. They deserve something special and unique. I search long and hard for ideas to share with you for the important men that you care about.

So, here we go:

The perforated leather makes for a stylish summer shoe. I like these in the color of Ironstone. They come in quite a few other colors plus the very on-trend color they call Acorn which is more like orange

What guy wouldn't want a HD Camera, Live Video, GPS return drone?!

This one even has 'follow me' capabilities. Woot Woot. Blades are foldable.

Water repellent with water bottle pockets and an interior laptop pocket.

I love this coppoer/black color combo though it comes in Trench, Silver Como, and Black.

Nothing is more classic than these polarized 1937 Aviators and every man looks amazing in them. These are the most iconic sunglasses in the world.

This is such a stylish way to keep the cords clean. AND it's on major sale right now!!!!

Unlined leather and handy can even have it foil monogrammed.

This type of thing is a favorite for any dad. They can put it at the table and watch at every meal. Modernist design, this frame is only 10" diagonal and unlimited photo storage (that's the best part) As of this writing, it's on sale! And here is a link to one even less expensive here.

Breathes. Dries Fast. Holds its shape. Resists wrinkles. Nice, deep, hidden zipper pockets so that wallet never falls out~12 colors.

If you have a beardy guy in your life, giving him some male grooming like this handmade beard oil will feel like a bit of luxury. Jojoba, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E and fragrance: aokmoss/sandalwood, Bay Rum, Lime/Lavendar/Lily/Patchouli.

Father's Day marks the beginning of summer and for that everyone needs a comfy pair of flip flops. With this gift you can never go wrong. The worn leather gives these summer shoes a rugged feel.

For the health-minded men in your life, this cold rollerball is the ticket for relaxing deep tissue massage. Professional athletes use and doctors recommend cold therapy for pain relief and reducing inflammation.

Is traveling starting to come back on your radar?

Give your guy this Herschel Supply Co. overnighter with a wink and a nod that he might take you away somewhere fun.

I hope this helps you get your shopping done early. More than anything, be sure you give the guys love and hugs for all they do for you and the family! 🧡

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