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Gift Guide: for Parents and In-Laws

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Do you ever feel the pressure to get this one just right?! I know I I'm sharing some of my more creative ideas. Hope they help!

Copper is a proven anti-bacterial, and lots of in-the-know parents, let their water sit in a fully copper water bottle to take advantage of the mineral-enriching qualities...this bottle is both beautiful and a great companion for the health-minded among us. Copper has been the preferred vessel for water storage since ancient times.

Diffuse aromatherapy oils and add a bit of the starry night sky with this handmade glass and wood diffuser. I like to have oil diffusing in every room of the masks cooking and smoking type odors and more importantly, I like to use essential oils for their known health benefits for everything around the moon! Clove oil dulls pain. Lavender promotes restful sleep. Eucalyptus is wonderful for clearing runny noses and I put a few drops in the steam shower sometimes. One of my faves is Cheer Up Buttercup for just creating a great mood.

Massagers are the holy grail of chairs and everyone I know who gets one, basically spends all their time enjoying it. For the parents in your life, plop them in one of these for a great night of tv/movie watching. (Hint: you may have to wake them at the end of the show--so relaxing! They will love you forever)

My feet are always a little chilly, so this may be me projecting what I love on the in-laws, however I do know that when we age, our circulation diminishes a little bit by little bit. Keeping their feet warm is a key to temperature regulation. Scuffs just won't do. These, though, are pure perfection because they wrap up the ankle for a warm little snuggle. I love how these are hand crocheted and for will be surprised how low the price is! They're so cute too!

This little guy is a huge hit with the parents as it's so unique and authentic...for sure! It creates positive energy in the home, office or any space. It's preloaded with 1008 bhakti songs. Bhajans, Aartis, Mantras, Jaaps & Stotras devoted to 8 deities featuring Anup Jalota, Suresh Wadkar, Anuradha Paudwal & others.

My entire life I've read about the benefits of the Amethyst Bio Mat. It is said to be detoxifying, provide rapid healing and pain relief. Originally, I thought I wanted the full sized mat, but I had a friend with one and I learned the big size never came out--then I had a friend with this Mini and...perfection! I've placed it on my office desk chair for long days of work and I've taken it to bed with me and slept all night absorbing all the healing goodness. I love it! As our parents age, they invariably end up with life's aches and pains showing up, so why not try this, right? They'll have it forever and you can all use it!

More healing is on my list and in the best of ways. We just remodeled our house and put in an infrared sauna. We use it ALL the's wonderful! Research is showing that the benefits of infrared saunas include: detoxification, pain relief, immunity, weight loss, relaxation, circulation, anti-aging, wound healing, muscle recovery and more! Who doesn't need all that?!?!

Reduce foot and leg swelling and improve circulation and oxygen delivery with compression socks. These have graduated pressure and also help with cramping. You can wear these socks for any activity. They are actually pretty amazing. They get the job done!

You can see I've focused a lot of these gift ideas on keeping warm, improving health and circulation--all of which are even more important for our parents and in-laws during the colder months. We lose most of our heat from the tops of our heads, so the easiest remedy is to just cover them. These are super cute--totally my colors. I've put some additional suggestions underneath in case your loved one prefers a different style.

Sometimes, the full on massage chair is just too much...too much money or too big to keep in the living room and a better option is a foot and calf massager. I have one of these and all you need to do is plop me in a chair (could be me with the laptop!) and I can let it do the work for an hour! hahah. This one comes with a little vibration option, different speeds and modes, an automatic stop (in case you fall asleep!). Has a handle to make it portable, plus a cover for when not in use.

Spices are at the heart of our kitchen and for the cook in the family, it's really nice for them to have a beautiful place to store and grab spices from. This box is handmade from Sheesham Wood, then polished with a food-safe lacquer. There are 12 removable compartments and it can double as a medicine box or even a trinket or jewelry box.

I hope you like the beautiful, unique things on this list and that they inspire your gift-giving. If you have great ideas to add, I welcome you commenting on the post as it helps us all.

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