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Gift Guide: for Kids and Teens

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Shopping for your Kids can be both fun and overwhelming. Finding something that is truly unique (and that they actually want) can be a true task. Since I am always looking for fun and fantastical gifts for the kids in my family, I figured I could share my list with you!

Here are a few Gift Ideas for Kids and Teens that I am giving this year:

I can't think of many things more magical than stargazing! This Galaxy projector will turn your ceiling into your own personal night sky. To be honest, this gift is great for all ages and can really make a room so magical.

Other Projector options ⬇️

This gift will surely make a child feel special. I love to encourage creativity with my gifts, especially for little ones and crayons check (or should i say color in?) that box. These Personalized Crayons are so cute and colorful and will bring a smile to their faces every time they open up the box!

Polaroids have never gone out of style! There's something about that instant satisfaction of seeing your photo develop before your eyes that is just so exciting. This modern take is an instant love and they have some pretty fun colors! I would recommend pairing this with a few cartridges of film because they are for sure going to want to start taking pictures right away!

This gift is particularly trendy right now and can be hard to even get your hands on! My son tells me though that this is definitely a winning gift. This is the only place I can currently find the console online.

Oh My Gosh this is so cute!! I seriously wish my own kids were little again so that I could buy this for my house. Alas, i will have to settle for buying this for all my friends with little ones ;) Balance bikes (or Trikes in this case) are a great toy for tots to scoot around the house with before they are ready for pedals. This one is great for little, little kids!

Empowering women is so important to me and has played a role in my business from the very beginning. I love books like these because they teach girls from a young age that being bold and brave and rebellious is some thing that should be encouraged and celebrated.

Sailing Ship Kite

Adventures await with a day of cloud-sailing with this gorgeous Kite. This gift is not only a great activity but it is also beautiful just sitting in your child's room. You may even consider encouraging your child to paint the kite to truly make it special.

I see people playing this game at the park by my house all the time and they look like they have sooo much fun. The gist of the game is that you pretty much try to bounce the ball off the net and not be the person to miss (kind of like tennis?). It's one of those great family games that are easy to learn and can be taken to big gatherings, to the park or played in the yard.

This gift is brimming with creative potential, with beautiful illustrations and instructions to make magic out of paper. It's one of those activities that encourage creative thinking and problem solving (and it claims to boost hand eye coordination!).

These lights are crazy popular with teens on TikTok right now. Although most teens stick them to the wall, they can also create some really cool ambiances. I've seen people stick them under their bed to create a built in nightlight. Whatever you want to do with them, they are pretty darn cool!

I love toys like these for little little kids, not only are they adorable but they are also safe to throw around (and occasionally chew on!). There are infinite ways to play with these leaving no limit to your child's imagination.

and finally.....

Having a place to draw, play and create is important growing up. This table with storage cups is great because it means all that they will need to create can be stored in the handy cups. Let them get Crafty this year with this dedicated art space!

Check out these other similar (and equally cute) options too!

Bonus Ideas! ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

These boards are so cool, you can turn them into just about anything you can imagine (including a swing!). They are great for balance development too and come in various sizes for different ages.

How fun is this? I love learning new cooking skills and this one looks pretty cool (I kind of want to try making these now too!). This kit comes with everything you need to make these delicious ice cream treats!

Did you have a favorite (or any ideas of your own)? Let me know in the comments!

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