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Gift Guide: for Him

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Why are the men in our lives notoriously hard to buy for?!

I am constantly on the hunt for something interesting to give--

not your 'typical guy gift' of a tie, mug, or socks.

I curated this Gift Guide by asking my own husband what he wants to receive...which is why you will see golf items and a Breitling watch in this guide! :-)

Be sure to get all the way to the bottom to see

what I think is the best gift ever a guy will love.

Watches are a man's jewelry, and this Breitling with the blue face really pops on his wrist. He could easily sport it with the Nike Killshot Sneakers below. My own husband as well as the hubby of my best friend, are watch 'collectors'...meaning they like a lot of different watch styles that they can change out with their outfits.

Honestly, everyone (me included) can use a new pair of slippers come wintertime. Even the guys (I recently caught my husband borrowing a pair of mine secretly! 😆) Even if you live in California like we do, it gets chilly in Winter ( you don't think 46°F is cold...but WE do!) and toes need warming. These are stylish AND get the job done. Suede upper, wool/poly cozy inside and rubber sole for those quick trips outside...which we all do even if we are just in socks! Since slipper style is uniquely personal, I have put some other pretty cool ones in the slider below.

Manly, right? Also handy if your guy is a cook. 1080 high carbon blade gives it lasting power. Walnut and burnt bone make it just beautiful. How can he not feel cool with this?! When researching cool knives, I've found a few more which I've put below too.

As small as a car key, this mounts discreetly behind your rear view mirror. 1080 HD video means no grainy recordings. Sees 140 degrees. You can view your incident video from your phone app (we love that). Once plugged in, it records continuously. We all know this is so he can prove to you it was actually the other guy!

Wear this with the Breitling Watch above and hit the town totally styling. I love these sneakers so much! Classic styling comes gets modernized by picking the pair in Green, Navy, Black or Red.

My husband traded out his briefcase for this Tumi Brief pack and couldn't be happier. First of all, it frees his hands for carrying his golf clubs when he's traveling. But seriously, the backpack IS the new briefcase for the man of today. The Tumi brand IS expensive, but for good reason. It is well and thoughtful designed and made to last a lifetime. Lots of organized interior and exterior pockets including dedicated laptop space and exterior waterproof pocket for umbrella or water bottle. Comes with Tumi Tracer, which if you don't know what that is, in today's day and age, you should click through and read about it. A lifesaver.

Who doesn't love learning? This is the easiest, and most innovative idea to come around recently. Big celebrities become teachers in their fields, so he can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsey, Songwriting from Alicia Keys, Skateboarding from Tony Hawk, Poker from Daniel Negreanu, Business Strategy and Leadership from Bob Iger and oh so many more amazing masters. New classes are added every month and I've done it....the class lessons are all 10-30 minutes each and maybe up to 20 lessons. Each course is different. Like my own Digital Gujarati Classes, all of these can be taken at your own pace.

Currently they have a holiday special offering 2 subscriptions for the price of one. Can't beat that!

This is a hot and trendy gift FOR SURE. Dr Squatch is establishing itself a name as a seriously well-made, organic, smells good line of quality products with a fun and funny image that people can relate too. They offer men-friendly soaps, shampoos/conditioners, toothpastes and deodorants. Top of every product page on their site hosts the most hilarious videos...think the style of Poo-pourri when they launched. Even if you don't buy anything, it's a whole lotta fun just to watch the videos. Buy one-off items or subscribe. They have a holiday special on now to save 40%.

If nothing else, you HAVE to take their soap quiz!

My man loves golf and can't get enough of it (in fact as I'm writing this he is off at a match). Callaway is the name you go for when looking for clubs at any level. Give your guy the gift of a little R&R. If you too have an avid golfer in your household, you may want to buy some extra golf-y items for stocking stuffers like tees, golf gloves, balls (even though they never lose them!) or for a big splurge, a laser rangefinder!

  • The Strata Tour Package Set is designed for increased performance on every shot (who doesn't need THAT kind of help?!)

  • . Set includes: Driver, 3 Wood, 4 & 5 hybrid, 6 - 9 iron, PW & SW, Putter, Stand Bag, and 4 Head covers

This is a hand-held device that treats muscle soreness in everyone--including professional athletes! Perfect for your weekend warrior who might be sore from jogging, cycling, golfing or weight lifting! This is similar in many ways to what massage therapists do for you (but you don't need an appt!) Super popular in slow-motion these days on Instagram 😁 people use Theragun to treat pain, stress, workout recovery and also to help with sleep. Generally, it increases blood flow, skin temp, reduces inflammation and tension. It's a feel-good gift and perfect for your guy after you give him the Callaway Clubs above!

There is always use for a sturdy cooler. Think beach, camping, fishing, hunting, parties. Yeti coolers are the best. It's like they're engineered by people who really use them and know what you need: built-in tie down slots so you can tie it to your boat or camper, a freezer-quality lid to beat back the sun, non-slip feet so it won't slide off the back of a truck or boat, a rugged easy drain...and more. Plus, this is a man's gift when you know the thing that I like best about it: all the fun colors it comes in (even pink!)

Want to eliminate that wallet-shaped mark in his jeans? This sleek aluminum wallet by The Ridge does the trick in style! How? It holds up to 12 cards without stretching out. It can also hold cash. Sleek and minimalist, it's metal, so it's a really unique gift. Comes in lots of colors, my faves being the navy, gunmetal or gold.

OMG! Best gift ever for a guy.

Who thinks of these things?

But for guys, who shave every single day of their adult lives, who wouldn't want it to be warm? Cast away that chilly morning shave! I think this is the go-to gift for every single man in your life. It heats in just one second and is waterproof so he can take it in the shower with him. He will feel like he went to the barber for a luxurious shave.

Hope you like these ideas. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories because when I come across something truly wonderful I throw it up there with a swipe up to help you find it. And if you have any great suggestions, leave them in the comments below. See you out there!

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