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Gift Guide: for Beauty Lovers

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

It's that time of year when I share all my Gift Guides!

I'm starting the season off with the one closest to my heart...for beauty lovers. We all have ladies in our lives who love beauty and self-care and the opportunities can be endless and sometimes tough to narrow down. So i've curated this list to be my person, literal favorites. These are all things I use and think you and yours will love them too~ 💛

Face care and skin care are my biggest priorities. The brands I gravitate towards tend to include natural ingredients because I feel the safest with them.

This company blows my mind...every product they sell smells soooooo good and performs equally well. This Pro-Collagen Marine Cream has Ginkgo Biloba, Padina Pavonika and Chlorella and the promise of SPF 30! Clinically proven to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! I'm all in for that. You want to really blow someone away with happiness this Christmas, get them the Pro-Collagen Stars of the Show full of the full line of collagen goodness.

I have plenty of days I get up and don't feel like doing my full-on hair ritual...and still need to look like I have picture-perfect hair! Here's my trick. Perfect hair with out all the work. Seriously. Dry shampoo, baby! The small one is ideal for throwing in your purse for a midday hair pick-me-up. Gift this set to someone who wants to be glamorous and doesn't have time for the full routine. You'll both feel great!

This is a leave-in detangled and a life-saver for getting out of the pool or ocean. I use it every time I get out of the shower. They say it's ideal for chemically-treated hair (not that I would know!) Seals the cuticle and helps protect from UV rays.

Feel luxurious when you get out of the shower or up in the morning. It's a bit of glamour in the every day. I just love a good robe, so here are some other great ones. Click on the image to check out the ones you like. (secret: the Parachute Home waffle robe is awesome!)

Jade is the preferred stone to use for Gua She and if you don't know what that is, there is a wonderful article here. This set is all you need to lift and tone the skin on your face and neck and keep your lymph flowing at its best!

Open the lid and breathe in the yummy winter scent of clove. Infused with Loofah Seed and Moringa Oi lthey restore skin flexibility. This is a gift that presents itself as a true ritual. The balm comes with it's own muslin cloth to wrap around your face like a professional facialist.

Everything Jo Malone smells heavenly. This candle is a great way to infuse your entire home with the scents, but if you want to wear it all day, try their colognes or, my favorite, the Body Cream. TBH each time I replenish the Body Cream, I choose a different scent because my experience has made me confident to know they ALL smell amazing. Never-fail best scents are Peony and Blush Suede, Orange Blossom, and English Pear and Freesia.

Winter means we all need a good pair of super snuggly slippers. The natural shearling means long-lasting warmth. Who doesn't love jumping out of bed and jumping into socks-off slippers? Very few things feel as luxurious, especially if your bathroom is tiled. Uggs does slippers right. I love these Ugg ones but below are some other slippers I adore.

If you haven't tried any of May Lindstrom's Skin care rituals yet you are definitely gonna be happy you do now. My personal Favorites are Blue Cocoon and the Problem Solver but I truly love everything in her skincare lineup (and trust me, i've tried them all) I've loved watching her brand grow over the years and appreciate how even now (being practically a household brand) she hasn't compromised any of her values. All of her products are handmade and all natural and they leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowy. If your beauty lover hasn't heard of her yet, they'll thank you for introducing them to May Lindstrom. It's seriously that good!

This luxurious pillow case not only feels like heaven but also prevents unnecessary hair breakage while you sleep! It's 100% mulberry silk and comes in a bunch of gorgeous colors (including a beautiful emerald green). It's also great for you skin and doesn't take away any precious moisture while you sleep. At this point, why wouldn't you want to sleep on one of these?!

See you out there with me

shopping on the inter webs!

(isn't this just SO fun?!?!)


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