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Updated: May 3, 2021

We all have different ways to worship. Some of us go to temples and churches to show our devotions to a statue or a holy place. Some of us meditate and connect with the divine source to worship who we truly are.

Some of us respect and revere that higher power to worship something bigger than us. Some of us follow rituals and traditions to show devotion and worship. Some may choose to worship the darker forces or some of us refuse to acknowledge that there is something to worship out there or inside.

To say one is better than the other or to say one is right and the other wrong would be foolish. Worship is as individual as you and I.

My mom prefers to stay at home and chant songs and prayers where as my father in law likes to light divas (lamps) in the morning and evening and sing his prayers to show his devotion.

So why does one worship?

I believe having something to worship (and this by no means have to be a religious thing at all, it can be worshiping one's job, spouse, loved ones, art, dance… anything that rocks your boat) gives us a purpose.

Something to turn to when life gets incomprehensible. Some people believe that worshipping a statue (Murtipuja) is wrong because you are giving away your power to an object. Nothing wrong in that as long as one does it in moderation and within the laws of nature.

Pooja is as unique as you and I.

The mantras or prayers songs may be the same but each one of us makes our own connection with it!

What do I worship?

I enjoy worshipping my true identity of a pure soul. This some days mean meditating, some days its singing prayer songs, some days its teaching, some times its dancing.

Pooja is divine no matter how you perform it. 

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