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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Have you ever wondered what does our school name mean?

Although we teach Gujarati language and culture why did we choose this as our school name? Does this mean we teach you to be “sanskari”(Civilized and proper)?

Sanskar is defined many different ways in google search.

According to, Sanskar is multiplication of virtues and division of personality defects. ‘Multiplication of virtues’ means enhancing virtues in self and ‘division of personality defects’ means reduction of personality defects in self.

Sanskar also means ‘making good or purifying.’ In this process we are supposed to remove our shortcomings. Which in simple term means Sanskar means inculcating good habits and removing the bad ones.

All work that we do reflects our sanskars.

For example, throwing the skin of a banana after eating it is an ‘action’ , throwing it in a dustbin is a ‘character or nature’ , whereas throwing it on the ground is ‘perversion’. Picking up the skin thrown on the ground by someone else and putting it in the dustbin is ‘culture’.. That is according to

For, sanskaar refers to upbringing in India. It is the Key Performance Indicator of parenting to most Indians. It is an indicator of family values. It shows how civilized and cultured we are.

By far this last explanation is close to our mission and beliefs. The word sanskaar is a wordplay typical of Sanskrit.

It is a combination of three roots: First: saras, which is means fluid. Second: sama, which means cyclical or closed loop. Third: ka, which means questioning, an indicator of humanity as well as divinity in the Vedas.

Sanskara is then how the human mind makes sense of this cyclical world of birth and death, which we all inhabit. It is an indicator of the value placed on human existence by the family one belongs to. Every organization needs sanskaar to show the world whether it is connected to society at large and to the environment as a whole.

Simply put our reason for choosing Sanskarteaching is to teach and learn and make sense of our Gujarati culture together, we are by no means an authority to decide what is right and what is wrong. As this culture has guided and created many Gurus, teachers and successful human beings, we hope to become like them.

Stay updated on all things Sanskar Teaching!

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