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Updated: May 3, 2021

Is there a perfect place to dance?

Right age to dance? Right way to dance?

Right music to dance to? Right audience to dance in front of?

Dance where ever, when ever, how ever, just because you feel like it. This is true dance to me. Dance is an expression of how I feel in the moment. Some days I dance because I am super happy. Some times a good song comes on the radio while I am driving and I start dancing in the car. Some clothes put me in the dancing mood. There really is no right way to dance ever, all dance forms are awesome in my opinion.

My favorite though is folk dancing because there is room for expression, story telling, communication, live music, and freedom. There are over 50 different types of folk and tribal dances in India according to wikipedia. Those are the only ones we know about, I am sure there are others that we know nothing about. How many different types of folk dances do you know? May be its time to create your family’s very own tribal dance. My kids and I turn on any music and dance and we call it “crazy dancing” thats our very own version of  “the patel clan tribal dance”.

As an adult I love, love this type of dancing because I am not worried about how I look while I am doing those crazy moves or think if I am doing this right or wrong. Dancing allows you to step in to a character. You are forced to be in the present moment as you move with or without the music. You can’t get ahead of yourself. It shifts the energy. My friend Kerry says when ever you begin feeling lethargic or tired, get up move around, do your silly dancing, screaming and yell out that song you like. Now when you sit back down to your computer or your desk you feel fresh.

So get up, sing your favorite song out loud and move that body! Just because you want to, no right or wrong!

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