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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

“Sabandh ane sampati, Mutthi Bharo to reti chhe, ane Vavataa raho to kheti chhe”


Relationships and wealth, when held tightly in one’s palm is merely just some sand but if you work towards it and share it then it will grow like abundance of grain!

Gujarati kehvat or Gujarati Proverbs are some of the fantastic ways of learning the value system of Gujarati people in general. This particular one is special to me as it reminds me to not hold onto relations and money too tightly.

Relationships require balance

In relationships this happens often when you are close to one member of family and almost feel entitled to that person as if they owe you something. Easily as a parent we have expectations from our children but to learn and know that yes we are allowed to have expectations however not so tight that we lose our minds or get angry when things don’t go the way we want them to. We live in the times of “I want everything now and I deserve this…”.

This attitude makes us short-tempered and frustrated as life and those around us don’t always behave the way we expect them to. If we allow others the freedom to be who they are and remember that we too have freedom to be who we are then relationships grow with clear boundaries and undemanding respect.

Money also works the same way doesn’t it?

We hold on to it too tightly then we are constantly thinking of it but we let go a little bit and share the wealth we have then it grows. This doesn’t mean to be wasteful of your money or help others when you don’t have any for yourself. It only means be mindful of it and spend where you need to and help where you can.

Love the Gujarati Kehvats. What is your favorite saying about relationships or money? Feel free to share this with your loved ones if you enjoyed reading this.

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