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Updated: May 3, 2021

Why is it important to say things right in any language?

Uchhaar – pronounciation. Particularly in Gujarati, a difference of just one letter can make things interesting. It can alter the meaning of the whole word!

Here are commonly mispronounced words in Gujarati, especially by those who are not brought up in India and are attempting to learn Gujarati. Some meanings become comical when you are serious and some become really serious when you are not trying to be serious at all. So next time you say one of these words, pay attention to what you’re saying and what you really want to say.

Madavoo: to meet

Maravoo: to die

Karavoo: to do

Kadavoo: bitter

Chadavoo: to climb

Charavoo: to graze

Bhanavoo: to study

Bharavoo: to fill

Dodavoo: to run

Doravoo: To draw

Tadavoo: To fry

Taravoo: To swim

Bhadavoo: To grind

Bharavoo: To fill

Maadi: Mother

Maari: Mine

Vaad: Hair

Vaad: Fence

Vaar: Day

Vaar: Wait a little

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