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Updated: May 3, 2021

When we heard my dad laughing out loud by himself, it wasn’t that he had lost his mind.

He was reading his daily Gujarati “Chhapu” (Newspaper) – Sandesh. Growing up in India, it was his routine to wake up early and grab the newspaper from the front doors after he was done with yoga stretches. My mom would make him this aromatic cup of chai and he would sit there by in the living room and read his paper while drinking his tea from the “rakaabi”(saucer).

Gujarati newspapers are still an essential part of the daily living in Gujarat. Although with the digital world expanding, folks actually taking the time out to read the newspaper is going down. I prefer the written word on a piece of paper over the screen and typed letters and I am learning there are actually many out there like me. These days newspapers everywhere are filled with so much negative news that it is discouraging to want to read a paper.

However, there are those dedicated readers like me of the comic strips, sports and local news. Many rely on the newspapers to find their daily “bhavishya” (Future) from the horoscopes. There are children’s sections in many papers once a week. What do you look for when you look at news? Positive news or more negativity so that you can learn how bad this world is? We love looking for small victories of normal people in the newspapers. High school students striving to be better at their sports and academia. Gujarati newspapers also talk about all of this and much more. My least favorite topic in the gujarati news paper is politics but that may just be someone else’s most favorite.

We are so blessed to be living in these ages where you can get a Gujarati Newspaper in America, delivered to you. Here are the five most popular Gujarati Newspaper, check them out:

  • Sandesh

  • Gujarat Samachar

  • Divya bhaskar

  • Mumbai samachar

  • Gujarat Mitra

Keep in touch for more lists from me in the future!

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