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Most common sentences in Gujarati

Updated: May 3, 2021

Many times, the first few things we learn in a new language are how to say, "Hi" and "How are you?" so that we can easily introduce ourselves to new people in their own language.

Here are some easy-to-master Gujarati Greetings and Phrases that will enable you to hold a simple conversation in Gujarati. When you're ready to take your Gujarati learning to the next level, check out where I take you through more Gujarati words and phrases.

1. Hello/Namaste

Jai shri krishna

2. How are you?

Tu kem chhe?

(Younger than you)

Tame kem chho?

(Older/respected you)

3. My name is...

Maaru naam ______ chhe.

4. I am very pleased to meet you.

Tamane madi ne ghano aanand thayo.


Tane madi ne ghano aanand thayo.

(Younger/same age)

5. Thank you

Aabhaar or Dhanyavaad

6. You’re welcome/ No worries

Kai Vaandho Nahi


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