Most common sentences in Gujarati

Many times, the first few things we learn in a new language are how to say, "Hi" and "How are you?" so that we can easily introduce ourselves to new people in their own language.

Here are some easy-to-master Gujarati Greetings and Phrases that will enable you to hold a simple conversation in Gujarati. When you're ready to take your Gujarati learning to the next level, check out where I take you through more Gujarati words and phrases.

1. Hello/Namaste

Jai shri krishna

2. How are you?

Tu kem chhe?

(Younger than you)

Tame kem chho?

(Older/respected you)

3. My name is...

Maaru naam ______ chhe.

4. I am very pleased to meet you.

Tamane madi ne ghano aanand thayo.


Tane madi ne ghano aanand thayo.

(Younger/same age)

5. Thank you

Aabhaar or Dhanyavaad

6. You’re welcome/ No worries

Kai Vaandho Nahi

Eager to learn more useful Gujarati phrases and words?! Check out our Conversational Gujarati Mini Course filled with more greetings, days of the week, colors, body parts, food and more!

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