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Updated: May 3, 2021

  • Jai Shree Krishna

  • Kem cho?

  • Jai schhidanand

  • Ramkabir

  • Jai Jinendra

  • Jai Swaminarayan

Normally we greet each other with: Kem cho? Which means: how are you?

Depending on your family’s religious preferences you are taught to greet others with the name of one of the Gods. Vaishanavs(followers of Lord Krishna) greet each other with: Jai Shri Krishna, which means: praise lord Krishna. This is used most commonly in Gujarat. Jains prefer: Jain Jinendra to praise Lord Mahavir. The followers of Saint Kabir say: Ramkabir.

The underlining intention behind taking any of the Gods’ name is to acknowledge the divine presence in the others, bringing in the postive vibes in your interactions. This is a wonderful tradition that most of us follow because our parents did and now you can explain to your children why we do this:

to know that there is a “We see others as their true, pure, & divine self” divine presence in all of us and we see others as their true, pure divine self!

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