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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Namkaran – Naming the Baby 

In Gujarati and many Indian families, the rituals begin with the conception of a baby till their passing to another world in their old age. Last month you learned how a Gujarati family celebrates the arrival of a newborn into the world. Through a very special ceremony called Shrimant or Khodo bharavo, the blessings are placed upon the mother to be and the baby growing inside her.

After the baby is born, in many Gujarati households, the right to name the baby is given to his paternal aunt (his dad’s sister) known as foi. In the progressive age we live in now, many couples give Foi the options of names to choose from or they name the baby themselves. Many look for a meaningful name for their little one that has a significance to them.

Traditionally, foi chooses the name of a baby based on their Rashi-Vedic astrological sign the baby is born with. This is similar to the astrological signs followed in the western world; however, the vedic signs have letters that their names should begin with.

For example, if the baby’s vedic sign is vrishabh, his or her name may begin with Ba, Va or Oo. Many families invite a vedic astrologer to come and choose their baby’s name.

Traditionally, the baby also carries his/her father’s name as their middle name.

How did you get your name? What is your story? Share below.

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