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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

One with incomplete knowledge tries hard to prove himself..

Adhooro ghado chhalkaay ghano…

A water pot that is half empty will always be spilling over than the one that is full….

Have you ever met a person who is so confident that he is right? When really, the reality is that the person only knows half the truth?

This Kehvat-Proverb is saying that when someone knows only part of the story or knows part of the fact many times they try harder to make others see their point of view. They will sound so confident as they have to justify their knowledge to be the complete story.

These people generally think they know all the answers can you can find them at any gathering or party, they will be the loudest because they are trying to prove their point as if that is the truth and only truth.

The other proverb that is similar in Gujarati is….

Khali chano vaage Ghano…..

Cheekpea that only has the outer shell is going to make a lot of noise without any real substance.

Just like the other proverb this one also says that someone without full knowledge always has to justify that they are correct. They may be aggressive and these are the moments where you are to just remain quiet because the reality is, it is always better to be kind than to be right so let the person feel like yes you’re right.

What are some of your favorite Gujarati proverbs or Gujarati Kehvats? Let me know below.

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