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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Kehvat – Early to rise…

“Raate vahela je suve, vehalaa oothe veer,
Bal, budhdhi ne dhan vadhe, sukhamaan rahe shareer…”

The literal meaning of this is, “One who goes to bed early and who wakes up early will have strong body, strong mind, health and lots of wealth.”

English Idiom similar to this is:

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise…”

In an idealistic world, this totally makes sense. If one goes to bed early and gets enough rest then they can rise early when their brain is alert and sharp to get more productive hours of the days utilized.

In the world of digital information overload, instant gratification and easily and always available entertainment it is difficult to Think of anybody’s bedtime to be earlier as most people fall asleep watching TV, watching a show on Netflix, or live streaming something. On a Saturday or Sunday, if someone has to wake up before 8 AM, it seems like torture.

It definitely depends on an individual if the early morning hour works for them or late nights. However, there is some truth in the saying as many these days stay up late not to get things done but mindlessly browsing on social media or watching videos.

So the brain is simulated right before going to bed and optimal rest is not achieved. Thus the morning will begin in a frenzy and the rest of the day you may need supplements and energy drinks to keep you going. It is a cycle that unconsciously many of us fall into.

No media or screen time at least half an hour before bed is a great idea. Listen to music or read a book right before falling asleep then whether you fall asleep at 8 pm or midnight you will get some good rest.

Are you an early riser or you like to stay up to get things done in the quiet of the night? Share with us in the comments section below.

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