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Updated: May 3, 2021

Gujarati news time! Grandparents in Gujarati is not simply grandpa and grandma.

Your father’s dad is Dada and your father’s mother is Ba. Your mom’s dad is Nana and mom’s mom is Nani. Love that Gujarati culture and language has so many unique names for different relationships. You are one of the few lucky ones if you grew up in an extended family where you had more than just mom and dad.

Many Gujarati families, not just in India but globally live in extended families with Dada, Ba, Kaka (paternal uncle), Kaki (Kaka’s wife) and other relatives. Here are some silly and some important things Gujarati Grandparents say:

Are… tu to bahoo moto thayi gayo? Chhele joyo tyare saav aatlo hato… (You grew up fast, you just saw them a month ago)

Mara jamaanaa maa to… (In our days)

Bagaad naa kar… chakalaa ne naakhi de (Don’t waste things, leftover food give it to the birds)

Ooth Savaar padi gayi, saav aadsoo… (Wake up, and its 5am, you lazy bum)

Paisa nu zaad chhe taaraa vaadaa maa?… (You have a money tree in your yard?)

Aa le… Khaane… tu to ekdam sukayi gayo chhe… (Eat, eat, eat… they will stuff you till you are gagging… of course all out of love.)

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