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Updated: May 3, 2021

Holidays, festivals, vacations and getaways are all more meaningful when shared with family. Yes, there are those solitary animals amongst us who enjoy vacations and time off all by themselves and that is well for them but for majority of us, downtime means fun with family.

In every culture there are holidays and festivals which strengthens the family bonds.

Spending time with family and having fun is not limited to one race, color, money, or location. When I was young, I saw all the farm workers getting time off to go their “des” (their own villages). They were the happiest when they came back from spending time with their loved ones, many drunk and merry.

Being around family is not always easy and not without drama.

Family is like a Garden, there are roses, daisies, sunflowers, orchids, tulips and many varieties of flowers but they all grow in the same garden in harmony. The key is to not try to change the rose into being a tulip.

Here are few things to keep in mind during the holiday season!

Be kind rather than being right: Stop trying to one up someone else. The universe has a perfect spot for each and every one of us.

Listen more and speak less: Really listen. Give that person your full attention, don’t be distracted mentally and physically. Make them feel like you are there.

Go one day without technology: This is a tough one but if you get together for 3-5 days, one day without your cellphone and computer is nothing. Trust me, you will survive!

Celebrate others: Your family wants your approval and validation in their small victories, truly cheer them on no matter how small it may be.

No Judgement and save the “Constructive criticism”: Unless you are asked, save that “I truly care for you so I am telling you” for another time.

Let yourself go crazy: Let loose, be goofy and crazy. They are all just like you, some saw it and some don’t. Ultimately they love you so have fun!

Don’t shy away from work: Everyone wants to relax so the more you work as a team and do your share, you can all feast, clean and be merry!

Unconditional, crazy, accepting, weird love is Family. You got one then you are blessed!

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