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Familiar Desi Indian Phrases

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Indian girl sitting in exasperation because of funny Indian phrases

What is a Desi phrase you heard all the time growing up?⁠


Whenever I asked my mommy where should I put something growing up, that's the answer I usually got...

"Put it on your head!"😃

There are quite a few phrases like this that are part of our daily vocabulary as Gujarati folks!

Others I hear all the time include:⁠

💮 Tel levaa jaa (Literally go get oil, meaning do whatever you want)⁠

💮 Maathu naa khayish (Stop eating my head - leave me alone)⁠

💮 Dahaapan naa kar (Stop being a smarty pants)⁠

💮 Tatiyaa ni kadhi thayi gayi (Legs feel like kadhi - my legs hurt)⁠

💮 Matha nu dahi naa karish (Stop making yogurt out of head - stop bothering me)⁠

💮 Mathu ne batharaa (Head and two stones - leave it alone)⁠

💮 Taare bahu panchaat (What do you care)⁠

What are some of the phrases you grew up with?

I know there are probably so many more, so don't hold back!

I'd love to hear what you know in Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi or any other language you speak.

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