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Updated: May 3, 2021

There is a saying in Gujarati,

“ Jya Jya vase Gujarati, tya tya vase Gujarat…” —Where one Gujarati lives, the whole land of Gujarat is there.

Living in foreign countries we may identify ourselves with the land we live in, i.e Americans, British, Australian etc. However it is essential to learn your diverse and unique heritage that makes you who you are. We are all immigrants and knowing this makes you more empathetic and kinder towards all the diverse population around us.

Knowing your cultural background not only allows you to connect with your personal identity but also gives you a sense of belonging, how you connect with the nation’s identity. No matter what part of the earth you will be in that you will carry your roots and your values and your traditions with you. The way of life and traditions and daily rituals get so embedded in you that for example if you are a Gujarati, you can live in a palace or on the streets, given the option you would prefer thepala and bataka nu shaak over other gourmet dishes.

Values of perseverance, reverence, kindness and hard work go with you where ever you go. Don’t forget the value of seeking a great bargain. If this is something that goes with us wherever we go, why don’t we value it? One of the reasons we don’t value it is because our parents’ generation forced it down on us and they had good intentions, however we were never told why we do what we do and how valuable this was.

In this sea of mankind what sets you apart, what makes you unique is your culture. Follow traditions and rituals with a new reverence and understanding of why we do what we do.

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