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Updated: May 3, 2021

Superstitions are in every culture and language. They are especially prevalent in Gujarati culture and Gujarati language. Some save their lucky rabit’s foot and some don’t wash their hair on Saturday. Why do people follow these? Because it gives them a feeling of control. If I avoid this, bad things won’t happen to me.

I must follow this to avoid any bad things happening to me

It is also fear-based. Indian people in general are highly superstitious and many do not know why they follow them. They do simply because they saw their parents do it and now the fear is embedded in them. Here are some Gujarati superstitions, also known as andhshradhaa in Gujarati.

Andh meaning blind and shraddhaa is faith, blind faith.

This is not to say they are good or bad, it simply is someone’s faith so be respectful, you don’t have to follow it but don’t judge them for doing so.

Kadi Biladi: If a black cat crosses your path, you better turn around or say a mantra five times before you move on otherwise you are screwed as your day will be ruined and all bad things will follow you all day.

Teen tikda Kaam Bigdaa: If you are doing something auspicious don’t take three people, or do things in threes, make sure the number is one of the good ones like 1, 7, or 11.

Cash gifts gotta end in 1: If you give money as gift to someone make sure it is 11, 21, 51, or 101 as this will bring them and you luck.

Mess aanjavi: Put black eyeliner or Kajal in eyes to avoid evil spirit as this will cast them off.

Joda bandhavaa: Tie a shoe on your favorite fruit trees as other jealous folks can not cast a spell on them now, as the shoe will ward it all off.

Pug nahi halaav: Stop shaking that leg while you are sitting because here goes all your money as Goddess Laxmi the Goddess of wealth apparently doesn’t like that and your bank accounts will be emptying slowly.

There are many more that we shall explore next time. Please feel free to share your own Gujarati superstitions.

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