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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

We as women carry many necessities in our bags. However there are typical things you are bound to find in a Gujarati Aunty’s purse.

Although some of you may like to think you are not at the aunty stage yet, check your purse if you got these things and if you do, then you are almost there:

Gujarati Aunty’s Purse Checklist:


Just in case something tears, rips or needs fixing.


Just in case your hair is out of control or someone else’s are and you are put in a situation to rescue them.


Particularly Variyadi (fennel seeds), Aamda (gooseberries) or adasee (flax seed). These are staples for aunties because you can’t just keep them yourself, you have to share and offer them to everyone around you.

Back up chaandalaa nu packet (packet of bindi)

You never know by the time you reach your party location, your bindi can totally fall out! How embarrassing it would be to walk out without one, God forbid!

Small Kanski (comb)

When you have been napping in the car with a gaping mouth and the next minute you have arrived at the temple, you gotta fix that hair.


Kadaach jaroor padi to? For those “what if” moments.

Mada (Prayer beads)

You never know when this comes in handy for those stressed out moments when you worry about everything and you need Shaanti(peace).


Just in case you have to quiet a kid or even better, if you need to bribe a kid so he can get you some water or cha.

Cover/Empty white envelope

Just in case you have to gift someone cash for the vehvaars. You forgot to make one and realize oh dear the bride is heading my way to touch my feet for blessings, I gotta give her something. Although you may have some cash stashed in your bra, you need an envelope to put it in.


Tiny ayruvedic pills to clear your throat for those moments when you can’t stop coughing or your neighbor can’t stop coughing. What if someone puts you in a spot and asks you to sing? You can never be too prepared.

What other things you know are unique to Gujarati aunties that they must have in their purses? Do share, we would love to know more.

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